Flatline: Experience the Other Side


“The experience does stick with you...There’s no
game here. You’re not killing aliens, or driving a
Porsche through the Alps, or even trying to cheat
death. This is a thinking – dare I say it –
quasi-spiritual ride.”
- NPR (KPCC 'The Frame')

“It was mystical, amazing and deep. Once the
experience was over I was profoundly affected.”
- The Huffington Post

“…one of the most thought-provoking VR
experiences I have seen so far. ”
- VR Shop

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1 in 20 people across the globe have something life-changing in common: They've all had a ‘near-death experience’.

They’ve all gone to the Other Side and come back, irreversibly changed. They've all ‘Flatlined’.

Near-death experiences exist in a mysterious grey area between science and faith. Neuroscience explains them as dopamine hits designed to soften the trauma of death; psychology suggests a linking to our global consciousness; and spiritualists the world over see near-death experiences as irrefutable evidence of the afterlife.

With this series, YOU will experience an actual near-death experience or 'Flatline', as described by the people who have experienced it first-hand using 'virtual reality'.

What is 'Virtual Reality'?

Virtual reality is a technology where YOU, the audience, place a set of goggles over your eyes, that allows you to have experiences that otherwise would be impossible to inhabit.

You can now be present in a stunning place, time or perspective unlike any other medium before it.

You can now experience the Other Side.

IMPORTANT: If you have had a near-death experience, or suffer from a heart condition or epilepsy, we strongly advise not doing this experience.


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